Fitness v. Weight Loss

Date: July 6, 2011 Author: Mantis System Categories: Articles

Do you equate fitness with weight loss? 

If so, you are not alone.

Many, if not most people do.  But they are not the same.

There are many unhealthy ways to lose weight.  Here are a few:

  1. Liposuction – can damage your nerves and organs, and can even result in death
  2. Starvation diets – consuming fewer calories than are needed for basic bodily functions results in the loss of lean muscle mass, not fat.  The body thinks that it is starving, so it ends up slowing down your metabolism to conserve the stores of fat.  When you come of the diet, you end up gaining back all the weight you lost and then some.
  3. Fad diets -- these diets do NOT distinguish between weight-loss and fat-loss.  Although  anyone who is overweight will surely benefit from losing the extra fat they are carrying around, none will benefit from losing MUSCLE.  Muscle is essential to burning and losing fat, and for keeping the metabolic rate up.  Metabolic rate is the efficiency with which the body uses fuel for energy: the higher one’s metabolic rate, the more calories they burn, translating into increased fat loss.

So what’s the answer?  How do you lose weight and be fit?

That question actually needs to be turned around – how do you be fit and lose weight?  The first principle is: be fit.  If you come from there, you will win at the game of being healthy.  If you come from “I need to lose weight”, chances are you will lose at the game of being healthy.

The formula for weight loss is and has always been the same:  eat less, exercise more.  That’s it.  You are done.  You need to know nothing more to be able to achieve weight loss. 

The entire weight loss industry is a testament to this truism: knowing is not enough. 

The formula for being fit is a little more complex.

It’s not necessarily eat less and exercise more, although it can be that.

It’s eat less junk food, less processed food, drink less coffee, less soda pop, less commercial juices.  It’s also eat more leafy green veggies, more fruits, more lean protein, more non-wheat and non-gluten grains, drink more water, more non-caffeinated herbal tea.

It definitely is exercise, usually more, but in the case of some, those who over exercise, its exercise less.  Less is actually more sometimes.  In fact, that’s the essence of the Tranz4m system, exercise less, become more fit.



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