11 Tips for Improving your Diet and Eating Habits

Date: March 16, 2013 Author: theceohealthcoach Categories: Corporate Wellness | Nutrition

As a CEO, the NUMBER 1 thing you can do, right now, to increase your performance, TODAY, is to eat food that energizes and enlivens you, and to have a rock solid diet that delivers great energy and great health to you consistently.  Your energy levels and your health are as improtant to your company's success as having a rock solid sales force that delivers big results consistently.  If your diet is abysmal, your energy will be abysmal, and you will underperform, guaranteed.  I'm here to make sure that doesn't happen.  Here are 11 proven tips that I have culled from my work with Olympic Gold Medalists and World Record Holders -- and have used successfully to help dozens of CEOS -- to ensure your energy is through the roof, and your health is awesome!

  • Consume WHOLE foods and avoid processed, refined and white flour products. Whole foods are lower in calories and more nutritious. Ergo they will fill you up faster!
  • Eat a HIGH fiber diet. Fibrous foods are filling and low in calories, they also help regulate your insulin (blood sugar) levels.
  • Make your Entrée a Veggie dish, and your condiment a protein (chicken, fish, meat, tempeh), or a carb (pasta, rice, or other grain).
  • Limit intake of SATURATED fat, by eating less animal protein (and more vegetable protein and fish), choosing leaner cuts and trimming off excess fats.
  • Increase your intake of Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs), as these will help speed up your metabolism and keep you feeling more satiated.
  • Avoid empty calories, especially those found in sweetened drinks and non-nutritive snack foods such as chips, chocolate, cookies, pastries etc.
  • Eat organic foods whenever possible, especially animal products.
  • ELIMINATE fried, junk, fast food and high-calorie snack foods, as the fat calories from them are very difficult to burn (plus they are high in free radicals, which increase your chance of developing numerous degenerative diseases in the future).
  • Snack on fresh fruits and raw veggies.  They are low in calories and high in fiber and nutrients.
  • Eat low Glycemic Index (GI) foods and cut out sugar. This will stabilize your blood sugar and keep you from craving (and bingeing on) sweets such as candy, cakes, chocolate, soda etc., all of which are EMPTY calories.
  • SLOW DOWN! Eat in a calm environment and CHEW your foods well. Digestion begins in your mouth and eating too quickly impairs the efficient breakdown of foods (especially carbs).  What’s more, the faster you eat, the MORE you tend to eat because it takes awhile for your stomach to signal your brain that it is full and you should stop eating.


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