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I started doing the CEO Health Coach system because I was training doing the Polar Race, which has been billed as the world’s toughest race, a 350 mile trek across the arctic, in snow shoes, pulling a 200 pound sled. 

Raymond Aaron
Age 67
CEO The Raymond Aaron Group
Best-selling Author, Chicken Soup for The Canadian Soul, Chicken Soup for the Parent’s Soul and Double Your Income Doing What You Love



11 Tips for Improving your Diet and Eating Habits

Date: March 16, 2013 Author: theceohealthcoach Categories: Corporate Wellness | Nutrition

As a CEO, the NUMBER 1 thing you can do, right now, to increase your performance, TODAY, is to eat food that energizes and enlivens you, and to have a rock solid diet that delivers great energy and great health to you consistently.  Your energy levels and your health are as improtant to your company's success as having a rock solid sales force that delivers big results consistently.  If your diet is abysmal, your energy will be abysmal, and you will underperform, guaranteed.  I'm here to...

The Benefits of Personal Training for the CEO

Date: March 5, 2013 Author: theceohealthcoach Categories: Corporate Wellness | Fitness

I meet a lot of CEOs during my travels, and they often ask me whether personal training makes sense for them. Many people ask me specialized training for sprinting, because I have worked with sprinters, and with Olympic Champion sprinter and hurdler Mark McKoy about whether or not they could benefit from it.  This is actually the inspiration for this week’s post.  We are going to discuss personal training, or as it is also known as, fitness coaching. So why should anyone consider hiring a...

Water and the CEO

Date: February 21, 2013 Author: theceohealthcoach Categories: Corporate Wellness | Nutrition

“You are only drinking too much water when you are drowning.”  Mark McKoy, 1992 Olympic Gold medalist, 110m Hurdles, 15-time Canadian Hurdles Champion Your body is made up of mostly water.  A healthy, moving body needs plenty of water to replenish fluids lost during exercise and basic metabolic functions.  We recommend at least three litres of water per day to hydrate your body and prevent dehydration and premature fatigue.  Because thirst is not a good indicator of fluid needs, we...

Are diet sodas good for you?

Date: February 16, 2013 Author: theceohealthcoach Categories: Corporate Wellness | Nutrition

Sugar Substitutes More and more foods are being sweetened with aspartame, and other low-calorie alternatives, but are they really good for us, and do they really lead to weight loss?  The answer to both questions is NO! Not only do these products have negative effects on health, but they have also failed to live up to their promise of helping people slim down.  Products like aspartame and acesulfame-potassium, two popular sweeteners, have been accused of causing numerous symptoms (see...

The 90 Day CEO Transformation Challenge

Date: December 15, 2012 Author: theceohealthcoach Categories: Corporate Wellness | Fitness | Nutrition

The 90 Day CEO Fitness Transformation Challenge I just started working with a new client, Sirus Azadi of Enspire, a design and branding consultancy.  Sirus lives here in Toronto, but most of his team are collaborators spread across the globe.  He used to go to high school with my brother, and back in those days, he was one slim, handsome devil.  He is still handsome, but calling him slim would be pushing it.  The challenges of running a business have resulted in him packing on the...

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