The 90 Day CEO Transformation Challenge

Date: December 15, 2012 Author: theceohealthcoach Categories: Corporate Wellness | Fitness | Nutrition

The 90 Day CEO Fitness Transformation Challenge

I just started working with a new client, Sirus Azadi of Enspire, a design and branding consultancy.  Sirus lives here in Toronto, but most of his team are collaborators spread across the globe.  He used to go to high school with my brother, and back in those days, he was one slim, handsome devil.  He is still handsome, but calling him slim would be pushing it.  The challenges of running a business have resulted in him packing on the pounds.  He now weighs almost 195 pounds, and his ideal weight is 172 pounds.   On top of running his busy practice, his wife just got pregnant for the first time, so his time is very tight.

He has agreed to participate in this the 90 day CEO fitness transformation challenge, and is excited and yet nervous about the prospect.  He is been carrying this extra weight for over a decade, and is ready to shed it once and for all.

Sirus is a CEO, but he is also a man, a husband, a father-to-be. He has business responsibilities, hopes, and aspirations; but he also has family ones, and he faces many of the same opportunities and fears that we all do.  He has promised to share his journey openly, because he wants this to be a very public journey, so he can’t back out! 

What a great way to make sure he sticks to his program and attains his goals!  I am all for it, and encourage you to consider doing something similar.  Sharing your goals in public means you will stick to them.

Nicole Nichols of shares this story of the founder of her company, Chris Downie:

 “Every morning that he exercised, he posted a number on the door to his office: "1" for the first day, 30 after the first month, etc. Soon he reached 100 days, 365 days, and ultimately more than 700 days of exercise. People noticed. They asked him what the numbers on his door meant. They encouraged him and congratulated him as the numbers got higher and higher. They told him how he inspired them, and one co-worker even started her own workout streak, complete with numbers posted on her door, too! Just imagine if Chris never posted those numbers for others to see; if he had kept his goal (and progress) to himself, would he have stuck with it that goal for two years, if he knew that no one was watching?”  

Sirus will be guest blogging about his journey for the next 90 days on this blog.  I encourage you to follow his journey, and chart his progress, and encourage and cheer on his success!  Use it as inspiration to motivate you in attaining your own fitness goals.



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