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Culture is the Game Changer

Date: September 26, 2012 Author: theceohealthcoach Categories: Corporate Wellness | Fitness

Culture is the Game Changer   I you are the CEO or owner of a company with employees, you know one thing for sure, your company’s culture is the game changer.   Your people are your most important asset. If they are juiced, jazzed, and enthused about working for your company and buy into its mission, your chances of long term success skyrocket!   Smart CEOs know this, and have always known this. Dumb CEOs don’t and dismiss it out of hand, or give it lip service but do nothing about...

UK Study Conclusively proves regular exercise boosts productivity and reduces stress

Date: April 30, 2012 Author: theceohealthcoach Categories: Corporate Wellness | Fitness

There is a ton of research out there that is increasingly validating the link between exercise and a healthy lifestyle and dramatically enhanced productivity. No less a business leader than the legendary Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin Empire, has said that exercising daily adds 4 hours of productivity to his day.     According to the Daily Mail newspaper website, University of Bristol researchers in the UK “found that employees who enjoyed a workout before going to work - or...

The Health BHAG!

Date: April 19, 2012 Author: theceohealthcoach Categories: Corporate Wellness | Fitness

Let's face it, most of us are not in optimal shape. We are either overweight, obese, or low energy, and this impacts our bility to perform at our best. Does that sound familiar? Are you at the point where you have had enough and want to do something about it? That''s great! If you are like most CEOs, you probably set some goals, and tinmelines to achive them, and either on your own or with the help of a professional like The CEO Health Coach, create a plan, and begin executing on it. So far,...

Who You Hang Around Matters

Date: March 26, 2012 Author: theceohealthcoach Categories: Corporate Wellness | Fitness

Who you hang around matters.   Any mother knows that. That’s why parents are hyper-vigilant about who they let influence their kids.   It’s sad that they – read you – are less vigilant about who they let influence them.   If you are low energy, overweight, and feeling crappy about it, chances are good you are hanging around others with similar issues. You all probably over-eat and over-drink together.   If you are TRULY committed to transforming that, I am going to give you some...

Guest blog: Akshay Kalle, Technology Guru at Pathway : The New Golf

Date: March 13, 2012 Author: theceohealthcoach Categories: Corporate Wellness | Fitness

The New GolfUs "chiefs" of technology, finance, operations, founders, innovators, and the like are a hard bunch to please. Some of us may be gray-haired, but we're all young in action, and at heart. That means we approach everything in a die-hard fashion, with a calculated abandon that often sees the body pay the price for our passions. Hobbies can be extreme, and work-life balance takes on a different definition for this group. Even networking is extreme. It's easy to lose sight of the fact...

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