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I started doing the CEO Health Coach system because I was training doing the Polar Race, which has been billed as the world’s toughest race, a 350 mile trek across the arctic, in snow shoes, pulling a 200 pound sled. 

Raymond Aaron
Age 67
CEO The Raymond Aaron Group
Best-selling Author, Chicken Soup for The Canadian Soul, Chicken Soup for the Parent’s Soul and Double Your Income Doing What You Love


Company doing a 5K run/walk

Company doing a 5K Walk + 5K Run” would have huge positive benefits, including enhancing a sense of community, team spirit, raising everyone’s energy levels, and optimizing brain power.  We recommend setting up teams of participants for both the Walk and the Run, each of which will compete with one another for overall fastest team time, and for overall Company Walk Champion and Run Champion.  The winning team and individuals will each get a prize.

Our expert will set up a kick-off session called Getting Started at the Running Room, one of our partners, where she will go over setting up each participant for success. She will conduct a baseline measure of each participant’s physical capacity prior to getting the training program started. The following elements will be required and provided through the Running Room:

  1. Pedometers – for tracking distance as part of the training regimen
  2. Shoes – it’s critical to choose the right running show for distance running, and we will ensure they learn how to do this
  3. Fuel – Preparing your body with the right food prior to the race. This is to ensure a great physical race is run!
  4. Initial group run/walk

Going forward we will lead 2 clinic and 1 run a week for the group. These are the clinic topics to be covered each week, followed by a walk/run:

  1. Set a training plan and schedule for each participant
  2. Goal setting, Visualization, and Mindset Training Part 1 – critical for first time runners as well as advanced runners running tough races
  3. Goal setting, Visualization, and Mindset Training Part 2 – critical for first time runners as well as advanced runners running tough races
  4. Injury Prevention Seminar
  5. Preparing for Race Day
  6. Race Day
  7. Post-race debrief-- acknowledging every participant’s successes and creating what’s next.

This program will be 8 weeks long, featuring 8 clinics and 16 group training runs, plus race day and the post-race debrief.

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