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I started doing the CEO Health Coach system because I was training doing the Polar Race, which has been billed as the world’s toughest race, a 350 mile trek across the arctic, in snow shoes, pulling a 200 pound sled. 

Raymond Aaron
Age 67
CEO The Raymond Aaron Group
Best-selling Author, Chicken Soup for The Canadian Soul, Chicken Soup for the Parent’s Soul and Double Your Income Doing What You Love


Company Summer/Winter games

One of the best ways to kick start a wellness program is to have a Company Summer/Winter Games! 

Our intention is to create a wow experience for your employees and launch your wellness program with fanfare and pizzazz.  The Company Summer/Winter Games, with Opening and Closing ceremonies at a fun location, with the theme “Drive the Spirit!” as the actual Games in between.  The Games events in between are a program of preparation and fitness and wellness seminars and activities designed to promote an increase in the level of fitness participation by employees while building community and leadership within the organization through a powerful team building approach.

The Games are modeled after a similar successful program that was implemented by Theresa and her team  at one of Canada’s leading health and fitness organizations in order to build community, increase physical activity, develop leaders, empower people and generate greater charitable fundraising. Here is how the program works:

1)    30 day fitness challenge

2)    This is a voluntary program.  Those employees who don’t participate in activities will be encouraged to be helping organize the Opening and Closing ceremonies and acting as volunteers on the day of those events.  Our objective is that everyone is involved, even if not everyone is physically able to be active.

3)    We divide the members of your workforce that participate into teams of 5. Each team selects a flag bearer captain and be named after one of your products. The flag bearer/captain’s role is to tally up the team point totals every week and submit those online and to motivate and lead the team into performing at their best.

4)    We set up a closed Facebook Page for the Games, to keep track of all the teams, their medal totals, and the flag/bearer captains will have admin rights to enter all the point on a weekly basis.  The top 10 Teams will be listed on the main feed of the page each day, each week, and total for the program to date as a means of engaging the imagination and the spirit of employees, and getting some healthy and friendly competition going. 

5)    The fitness challenge is to activate, engage, build community, promote and motivate individuals to create healthy lifestyle habits. It also sends the message that “Your Company Cares” about its people. You will also select a charity to benefit from this program.  Based on the points earned by participants, your firm will donate money to this charity, and announce this as the Opening ceremonies.

6)    Your company will pay an amount e.g. $1 for each day point an employee earns for 30 min of daily exercise, eating an apple, meditating etc to the charity of choice. The more active and healthy people are, the more the company will give to the charity in question.

7)    The points program will work as follows:

(a)  For every twenty minutes of physical activity, you get a single point.  Eligible activities include walking, running, swimming, weight lifting, aerobic, yoga, pilates, cardio machines, vibration machines, treadmill, tennis, golf, soccer, squash, stair climbing, mat workouts, gymnastics, spinning classes, dancing classes, Zumba, etc.

(b)  Participants also get a point for eating foods from an approved list; for example fruit, salads, fish, chicken, tofu, water, herbal tea, etc.

8)    Participants will also get a point for relaxing and de-stressing activities such as meditation, stress regulation, laughter yoga, prayer, massage, etc.

9)    At the Opening Ceremonies, we will have a Canadian Olympic Medalist running with a torch, accompanied by a representative from each team to light a symbolic torch.  

10) Each team will set goals for itself as a team and for the individuals in it.

11) The CEO Health Coach will provide an infrastructure of seminars and weekly activities to inspire, motivate, and provide the structure for people to participate.  This will include on location workouts at Pfaff dealerships, running clinics, yoga, Zumba dance, lunch and learns on healthy eating, distressing, meditation, etc.

12) At the closing ceremonies, the winning teams and will be awarded medals and prizes for Overall Champions, those who were the most active, those who ate clean food most consistently, etc. The beneficiary charity will then be provided with a cheque for all the money raised.

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