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I started doing the CEO Health Coach system because I was training doing the Polar Race, which has been billed as the world’s toughest race, a 350 mile trek across the arctic, in snow shoes, pulling a 200 pound sled. 

Raymond Aaron
Age 67
CEO The Raymond Aaron Group
Best-selling Author, Chicken Soup for The Canadian Soul, Chicken Soup for the Parent’s Soul and Double Your Income Doing What You Love


Corporate Wellness Programs

The CEO Health Coach’s Corporate Wellness Programs are Toronto’s most innovative and exciting, sure to WOW, energize, and engage your employees, and help your company achieve great ROI.

We have two broad types of programs:

Employee Health Improvement Program

Does your firm have key staff whose health is at risk? Are any of your key staff obese, pre-diabetic, at risk of stroke, heart disease, under major stress, or still heavy smokers or drinkers?

Toronto Corporate Wellness ProgramsWhat would happen to your business if, heaven forbid, one or more of these key staffers were lost to your company because they had a stroke, a heart attack, or other major disease that forced them to take time off work? What if they did not have to stop working, but their capacity and productivity was diminished?

These risks to your business are very real. We have a solution. Working together with you, we have created an employee Health Improvement Program, to help sedentary employees get active, get fit, eat better, cease smoking, and reduce stress. This will do  things for your company:

  • Dramatically reduce the risk of losing such staff through debilitating illness
  • Boost employee engagement, morale, and a sense of community and team
  • Boost retention company wide by sending a powerful message that your company cares
  • Get other, non-at risk employees excited about wellness, so that your people stay healthy, productive, and energized about working for you

Strong, healthy employees make for a strong, healthy, and highly profitable company. Creating and enhancing a culture of wellness is one of the most innovative and effective ways companies can boost employee engagement, morale,


"...with Nicolai’s help, I transformed my body. I went from a 197 lbs body that carried excess fat, to a lean 175 lbs and I did it in 5 weeks and only 24 minutes a day, 3 times a week. I love my life!"

- Chris Cumby, 37, Entrepreneur, CEO Integrity Energy


Employee wellness is so much more than a great employee perk.  As such programs become more  and more popular, many companies just like yours are finding that a small investment in the health and wellbeing of their employees yields a much greater return than they ever expected.

Company wellness programs are a win-win situation for everyone involved.


Employee Engagement Program

You know all the benefits of optimizing your own health and fitness: more confidence, looking better, feeling better, increased personal productivity and results at work and more energy to enjoy time off with loved ones at home.

But you may be skeptical of the benefits of a company wellness program.  You might be asking yourself…isn’t health and fitness an individual responsibility? Do these programs actually work? Isn’t this just another expense that will reduce profits?

These are great questions, and we have great answers for them:

  • Employee absenteeism costs firms over $8 billion a year.  More and more, absenteeism is due to illnesses or disabilities, which a comprehensive wellness program can powerfully address.
  • Health Canada states on its “Business Case for Active Living at Work” website that companies can realize a $3.43 return for every $1 invested.
  • Wellness programs alleviate stress-related illnesses that spike absenteeism, higher insurance claims, lost efficiency and lost productivity.
  • A well-designed and executed wellness program engages and energizes your people, and sends a powerful message that your company cares about them. This makes your company a more attractive place to work.
  • Canada’s workforce is aging.  Older workers (55-64) take twice as many sick days as younger workers.  Benefit costs and absenteeism will skyrocket unless older workers improve their health.
  • Smokers cost companies $2,308 -- $2,613 more per year than non-smokers.

Usually, employee benefits packages focus on ‘sick care’, not ‘health care’.  Medical, dental and optometry coverage are standard in most, but only make sense when an employee already has health problems.  Many companies now see that taking a proactive and preventative approach to the health of their people is a much better and smarter investment than simply providing a safety net if and when they become sick.

The CEO Health Coach has many programs to help you turn on, engage, and excite your people, and deliver a healthy ROI to your business.

Our programs include: