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You could qualify for a complimentary fitness assessment and consultation with Nicky  - valued at $500 - on how to  achieve Champion-level health and fitness as a CEO. 

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After doing it for 2 months, people didn't even recognize me! Literally--I'd walk past people and they didn't know who I was. I lost 20 pounds (down to my ideal weight) and it's gotten expensive--my pants are falling off me and I need a new wardrobe!

- Jill Binder, Stop Smoking Coach,


Healthy and Tasty Recipe of the Day written and video link

There are two key success tips in improving your health: knowing what to do, and being motivated to do it. Our Healthy and Tasty Recipe of the day provides your people with a powerful, easy-to-prepare healthy recipe that they use right away, so that they get the immediate, measurable benefit that comes with eating cleanly and appreciate what your company is doing for them.  The video link will feature Nicolai or Theresa actually preparing the food in a fun, exciting and easy-to-follow way that will make your people want to jump up and get cooking!

Mobile Phone App

If your team members are all on a mobile phone standard, i.e. an iPhone, Android, or Blackberry, we can take the above information and create a custom mobile phone App with all this information in text, audio, and video format for your team.