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Nicolai's techniques produce truly remarkable results. My energy levels since working with Nicolai have increased significantly, as well as my overall strength, stamina and muscle tone.


Simon Nyilassy
Former President and CEO
Calloway REIT


Health and Wellness “Live to Win” Seminar Speaker Series:

The Live to Win Seminar Speaker Series are a series powerful and impactful talks, with great value and awesome takeaways, as well as 3 action items that each participant can take and act upon immediately!

Below is a list of all the subject areas, plus which can be from 20 minute to one hour long:

1.    Eat to win – a powerful interactive presentation for businesspeople who are interested in learning how to Eat To Win. This will show you how you can eat healthy and tasty and have high energy throughout the day.  You will learn how to make eating like a champion fun, and have energy and vitality to spare, so that you experience life more richly and be more productive at work. OPTIONAL: A catered and healthy gourmet meal can be provided upon request. 

2.    Workout to win -- This an interactive workout seminar.  Participants will be doing a 23 minute workout.  We will show you how doing a 2-hour workout in just 23 minutes with the same or better results can benefit you.  The focus will be to teach businesspeople how they can workout less, at home, and still get great fitness results: more energy, greater vitality and productivity, more confidence about how they look, and a trimmer and more attractive body.  Additionally we will show them how they can have a leaner, thinner core at home in 15 – 20 minutes a day, 4 times a week. We will provide handouts of the exercises to all participants.

3.    Run to Win – This seminar will be all about how running is proven to sharpen the brain. A new study from the University of Cambridge shows that running actually adds hundreds of thousands of brain cells to your brain after only a few days. Led by an expert marathoner, this seminar will show people how to get started and to sustain a running program and what the benefits of doing so are in terms of heightened intelligence and performance,

4.    The Secrets of High Performance Health for Executives – Our intention in this session is to provide you with a blueprint that you can use to take your health and fitness to the next level, and to use the confidence, the energy, and the vitality that that brings you to power your business performance to the next level, by providing you with very specific modules on exercise, nutrition, accountability, heart, and mindset. This is an interactive presentation which will go through each of the 5 pillars, and engage the audience in looking at each pillar and applying it to his or her own life.

5.    De-stress to Win – Our intention in this session is to teach individuals how to de-stress and manage their own emotional states.  The fast pace of modern corporate life and the stresses it imposes take a toll on employee productivity and absenteeism.  Our experts will tackle this growing problem by helping employees manage their responses to stress on the job in healthy and positive ways.

6.    Meditate to Win – Our intention in this session is to teach people a powerful way to reduce stress and create positive states of mind.  Meditation has been proven to create calming states of mind and enhance focus.  This will boost productivity and reduce absenteeism.  We will provide each employee with a downloadable series of audio meditations that they can access to help create a daily meditation habit. This is a 60 minute presentation and we will lead employees through 2 guided 15 minute meditations.

7.    Communicate to Win – Communicating effectively is the key to an individual employee’s success, and their success is the key to the organization’s success. Our intention is to show employees how to use language deliberately and precisely to enhance their on the job performance and relationships. This is an interactive 60 minute session.

8.    From 4th to 1st: The Mark McKoy Story -- Mark McKoy is one of Canada’s most celebrated and decorated athletes. He is a 15 time Canadian Champion, a 3 time Wealth games Champion, an Indoor World Champion, and an Olympic Gold Medalist at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics. What is less well-know is the incredible adversity and never give up attitude that allowed him to finally triumph and win, after numerous 4th place finishes, going from 4th to 1st, seemingly overnight. Hear the story; in his own words, from him, and learn how you too can go to the top using his success secrets!

9.    BHAGS: Preparing for and Running Extreme Races – Think marathons are too easy? Think even Iron Man Triathlons aren’t tough enough? How about racing across the North Pole dragging a 100 pound sled and shouldering a shotgun to ward off polar bears? How about running across the Gobi Desert, where the temperature and the critters could get you? Or climbing Mount Everest?  Many businesspeople are turning to these type of extreme events as means of thinking outside the box and setting BHAGs – Big Hairy Audacious Goals – that will help them build confidence and take their business goals to levels that they previously thought were unimaginable. Come learn how committing to and preparing for such a race could help you dramatically turn your business performance around! 

10.     Yoga and Dance- Good health is all about movement.  We need physical activity and exercise. Yoga and dance support not only digestion but your overall health and happiness! We incorporate active high energy movement along with gentle calming and relaxing exercise.  In addition to strengthening the body physically, movement also supports emotional health and reduces stress.

11.  Overcoming Adversity – Leadership In Tough Times -- Heading into his organization’s worst financial year in late 2008, Stéfan Danis, CEO of Mandrake and NEXCareer, signed up for a 250 km unaided foot race in the desert, without having ever run a marathon. The presentation follows the emotional and physical breakthroughs and breakdowns of preparation, training, and running the least hospitable desert on earth.

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