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You could qualify for a complimentary fitness assessment and consultation with Nicky  - valued at $500 - on how to  achieve Champion-level health and fitness as a CEO. 

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I started doing the CEO Health Coach system because I was training doing the Polar Race, which has been billed as the world’s toughest race, a 350 mile trek across the arctic, in snow shoes, pulling a 200 pound sled. 

Raymond Aaron
Age 67
CEO The Raymond Aaron Group
Best-selling Author, Chicken Soup for The Canadian Soul, Chicken Soup for the Parent’s Soul and Double Your Income Doing What You Love


Module 3: No-nonsense Accountability Coaching

The No-nonsense Accountability Coaching is the 2nd most important module in the program in the program.  It consists of providing you with NO-NONSENSE ACCOUNTABILITY MAXIMIZATION COACHING. The job of a coach is to help you win, period.  Your coach will teach, motivate, and keep you on track with your commitments.  A weekly 30 minute call with your coach will ensure that you are constantly learning, engaged, motivated, and most of all kept on track.  Your coach will trust you, and believe in you, even when you don’t, and help you keep your word so you trust yourself to be powerful in this area again. 

Module 3: No Nonsense Accountability CoachingEach week, you will be making promises on what to eat, how often you will workout, and on your daily practices to implement your new empowering beliefs.  Your accountability coach will ensure that you KEEP YOUR WORD.  He or she will also teach you new habits, new beliefs, and give you new tips on how to continually refine your eating habits and strategies to eat in a way that keeps you feeling fit, vital, and energized.